>10 YEARS< 
In which a curator rests, but only for a moment, and looks ahead

So that's what ten years of running a website is like! Pretty cool, if you ask me. From my humble days in the beginnings of the home computer revolution to standing in front of hundreds and talking about this passion of mine, I've had a great time. The site is running well, the history is brought to a new generation, and the generation that grew up with these files are living those days again.

I've had people write me and tell me that they started using the web in 2000 and that now, in 2008, they find themselves inspired by my site to go into a field of study. The fact that I would have something online for all of a person's computing life blows my mind. It's a point of pride, to be this dependable thing, for so many, across all this time. It has been a privilege, it has been an honor.

Thank you, every one of you.

Now, get back to browsing!